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Covid-19 Project Iraq Refugee

We are launching this URGENT appeal to help support the Yazidi families we are working with on our nails project, as well as many, many other families who need our help right now! We have partnered with the AMAR Foundation who are providing help directly on the ground and we will direct all funds raised to helping fight COVID19 in the Iraqi IDP (refugee) camps we are both working with and in. 


AMAR foundation work with all-locally trained teams of medical professionals and volunteers. They have treated many hundreds of thousands of displaced (IDP) Yazidi people.

Since 2014.  The charity runs health clinics in two of the largest IDP

camps in northern Iraq, Khanka and Essayan. They care for the physical and

mental health of more than 32,000 inside the camps, and up to 50,000 more

displaced people living on the fringes of both.


AMAR’s Yazidi patients, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals

urgently seek your help. Any donation, however small, will support their

crucial work to delay and treat this deadly virus. They need medical equipment, masks, gloves, protective wear and will also be doing work on prevention, education, and sanitation where possible. We must do what we can together all over the world to fight COVID19.

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