The Joss Stone Foundation aims to raise awareness and support more than 200 charities globally. These are all charities Joss has visited personally during her Total World Tour. The Foundation provides direct, practical and logistical support to specific projects that have been selected by Joss after her visits where key needs have been identified. The charities are for all - children and young people, families, the elderly, animal welfare, environmental causes and social issues. The foundation is about more than just the 200 charities that Joss has visited. Larger issues, which the projects are examples of, show us that all around the world we are facing challenges in different ways but all as similar people, ecosystems and communities.  We are a small charity foundation hoping to make a big impact on people's lives and communities worldwide. 




What can you do to help and take action? 


Support one of our projects you feel personally connected to with a small (or large!) donation. Alternatively, you can donate to the foundation overall and we will allocate funds where they are most needed within our projects. 100% of the money you give will go to the charity work of the foundation and the charities we work with. There are no hidden admin, office or staff costs and we aim to be completely transparent with our donors because we feel it's important you know where your donations are going. If there is a project you feel you may have particular expertise or volunteering interest, please get in touch here Thank you for taking the time to discover more about the Joss Stone Foundation and thank you for all and any donations you contribute.

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